System Integration

Software products become a necessity for companies

New and better software products become a necessity for companies due to their ever changing requirements and advances in technology. It is an enormous problem to connect legacy software with new ones. Appzeal, an expert on distributed software systems and middleware, can connect all your systems with each other. We can develop code for various hardware platforms in numerous programming languages.

Appzeal is a software company

Experienced on distributed software systems and middleware. Our team has years of experience on various technologies and problem domains. We have developed 3D Applications, Simulations, AI and Optimization Applications, Hardware Control Applications, Business Applications, Mobile Applications, Saabs Applications etc.

Drive intelligent business decisions with seamless interconnectivity

Appzeal global experience and expertise in Systems Integration services uses a pragmatic approach to build IT infrastructure that ensures technology is aligned with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization, through every stage of any transformation initiative. We understand the need for streamlined connectivity between your applications and services to drive organizational efficiency and address critical business needs.

Our complete suite of integration services include:

  • Application integration, testing, and validation
  • System and platform integration
  • Consulting and project management of IT services
  • Manage Datacenter related activities
  • Enterprise management and quality assurance
  • Network, platform, and security infrastructure integration.

Enhance their productivity and simplify

  • Integration between Appzeal and our software platform

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the integration between Appzeal and our software platform. This integration signifies our on-going efforts to deliver a flexible, extendable platform that can meet the needs of a wide range of customers, Our joint customers will benefit from this bridge between our solutions which will enhance their productivity and simplify company processes.”

  • Customer experience and gain a real competitive advantage

“This integration benefits clients from both our companies as it arms them with a comprehensive solution,” Appzeal President James Fox all said. “By linking D-Tools’ project system design capabilities and Appzeal’s end-to-end business automation solution, system integrators can drastically enrich their customer experience and gain a real competitive advantage.”

  • Appzeal System Integration Services ensure that

• Client's IT architecture is not over-crowded, scalable and performs at optimal levels all the time
• The IT infrastructure developed by the client or them delivers the desired result
• There is no compromise in Security, Reliability and Availability
• Optimum utilization of available IT resources
• Not going with the word-of-mouth, Appzeal makes sure that their choose the most suitable technology for the client rather than the best one available
• Integrating all the systems with the latest technology as and when there is an update

  • Focused on high performance systems integration

Appzeal takes pride in saying that they have successfully partnered many of clients with their IT prowess to help the client grow.

Appzeal is focused on high performance systems integration consulting services, resulting from years of experience helping some of the world’s leading organizations, our skilled people, a deep understanding of technology and its application to customers industrial and heavy construction environments. Our vendor-agnostic approach to system integration means that your organization will not be shackled to applications that might not be the best fit for your business model and ever-changing needs. We focus, instead, on providing custom solutions designed to optimize the functionality of your existing IT assets with an eye on tomorrow’s technologies.

  • Our Systems Integration services include the following

• Integration – integrating the customer’s existing applications into the business solution
• Migration – assisting in making cost-effective migrations from one platform to another
• Conversion and integration – integrating third-party applications into the new framework
• IT consulting and outsourcing – shortening time-to-benefit and reducing cost for large-scale computing environments and applications

  • Services are designed to augment and support

Appzeal Systems Integration services are designed to augment and support enterprise customer service organizations by bringing technical expertise that will give the client a competitive advantage in an ever-changing global marketplace. We achieve this by offering staff that are experienced, and keep up with the latest IT and telephony technology, unique data integration skills, analytic applications knowledge, and best practice expertise.

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