Supply chains and sales information to store operations and software services

Retail industry is demanding custom software solutions that allow operate more efficiently – everything from supply chains and sales information to store operations and software services for the customers.

Specific industries and stores types

Over the last two decades Appzeal has been providing business software development services, applications, and custom Appzeal solutions for the customers from retail industry. Moreover, Appzeal successfully developed several custom Appzeal solutions, for specific industries and stores types.

The very first project for the customer from retail industry Appzeal has started. Appzeal develops label printing software solutions for all types of retail market players. Since then previous production versions’ support and continuous up-to-date development have been provided. Here’s a key point, technology isn’t just creating these challenges, it’s also solving them. New location- and context-aware mobile technology is putting highly relevant and effective retail offers literally in the hands of customers, driving sales, margin, and customer loyalty. Providing the advanced environment to enable and support such personalized interaction – securely – is where Appzeal steps in.

Top retailers around the globe

Appzeal is working with top retailers around the globe to deliver engaging brand experiences. Our analytics expertise helps stores harness vast amounts of data to reveal patterns and deliver more relevant promotions, both in-store and online. Our Appzeal support, retail application development, and IT infrastructure expertise ensures that stores work efficiently and effectively. And our focus on empowering your employees and customers, security, and retail best practices ensures the rest of the business can keep up. Finally, Appzeal ' global footprint enables us to serve our clients everywhere that a sale is happening.

Consumers prefer the retailer outlet be available just at the click of a button thereby reducing the travel distance between the retailer outlet & customer and also avoiding the long queues for paying the amount. Retailers need to rethink their strategies to stay ahead of the Consumer’s Choice. Using the Digital Technology, retailers can reach out to customers, honour their values and form meaningful relationships with them. They will have chance to provide values in exchange for Customer’s loyalty and purchases. We help Retailers understand their customers much better based on the digital footprints they made. As well help retailer’s business growth by providing extremely variant Analytics.

Our advantage

Career is extremely good at providing this service of bring the retailers and consumers close by and enrich their experiences. Customers always have the choice of voicing their opinion usually through social media by writing their opinion, unleashed experience. This helps the retailers feel being close to their customers. Apart from the usual business practices of ensuring profitability, loyalty and quality service, retailers can experience their customer’s needs and requirements to plan their moves accordingly.

Career has many years of proven experience in the retail segment that it is has employed to build inventive solutions for every part of retail lifecycle-from procurement to sales and post sales-to help you gain a competitive edge. Customer expectations for service and personalization are higher than they’ve ever been. Appzeal helps you evolve and streamline your digital marketing to thrive in this new environment. We make it easy for you to bring together retail analytics and content from across every channel to create better customer experiences.

Scale, personalization, and security are some of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry. Cloud Platform gives you the tools to deliver your applications at global scale, run advanced analytics to better understand your customers, and protect your shopper's most sensitive data. Retail and Consumer Goods companies are building a deeper and richer relationship with their customers than ever before. To make more informed merchandising decisions, deliver superior service and drive deeper engagement, companies must ensure an anytime, anywhere relationship with customers.

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