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You can take your market education strategies to the next level by understanding who is talking about your products and what they are saying.

Mainstream or multi stream

No longer constrained to inclusion solely in journals and the business press, conversations around pharmaceutical and biotech companies and their therapeutics are regularly found in mainstream and social media. An effective strategy is informed by understanding the relevant outlets, social networks, influencers and themes encapsulating your brands.

When patient education is part of your media strategy, Appzeal analysts can inform and benchmark your strategies through faceted, multi-segment mining of conversations across traditional, online and social channels. Pricing constraints, global competition, reduced capital budgets – and especially increased enforcement activity– all mean you need to be more productive, more efficient and compliant. Appzeal Regulatory Asset Manager (RAM) was designed with the Pharmaceutical industry in mind. It allows you to put Best Practices in place as prescribed Guides to Maintenance and Calibration. In essence, it helps you do more with less.

Any pharmaceutical product manufacturer requires a quality control which is one of the foremost requisite with regard to regulatory compliances. A significant portion of the regulations and all pharmacopeia methods and In-house methods pertain to the quality control testing of products. Appzeal provides expert analytical services in all areas of testing from raw materials, intermediates to finished products. Appzeal sophisticated pharmaceutical testing lab operates as an extension and Analytical Appzeal laboratories.

Know customer perception

They help you optimize performance across the pharmacy, including inventory management and the printing of prescription labels in several languages. Our pharmacy software is the keystone of Appzeal Perfect Integration -a system that can incorporate robotic filling, barcode driven workflow, inventory management, point of sale, and enterprise management. All systems are integrated and fully supported by Appzeal Customer Service. Appzeal has worked closely with its customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied products industries to identify and bolster the following specific areas that require extra care due to regulations governing these industries.

  • Quality control
  • Batch traceability
  • Recall procedures
  • Bin management
  • Security and audit trails.

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