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Every possible aspect, developing solutions based on mobility

Companies across the globe are increasingly going mobile in every possible aspect, developing solutions based on mobility. Organizations are leveraging the power of mobile technologies to reach out to their customers more effectively. Further, mobile technology has empowered businesses to unlock immense value and unleash their potential to break away from geographical limitations. Mobile devices have now become an integral part of the business and corporate ecosystem to enable effective collaboration, communication and connectivity with customers at all times. Appzeal offers a portfolio of services and tools for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers. Appzeal combines the latest in mobile technology to develop a sound strategy to achieve our customers’ mobility goals and match their business needs. Organizations that have embraced Enterprise Mobility have also experienced a significant return on investment, which in turn also allows them to offer a competitive edge in the market.

Our Services

At Appzeal, We deliver value by seamlessly integrating Mobile solutions with business processes, social platforms and real time analytics. This unique integrated solution to customers is made possible because of our Accelerators and Frameworks in Mobility.

Our expertise is targeted towards building Mobility Applications leveraging various approaches like Native, Cross Platform and Mobile Web Application Development.

Our expertise ranges from development of Apps on IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile Web Technologies like HTML5. Our team understands limitations on various cross platform and other 3rd party integration points (including middleware) and leverage the experience in targeting the best solution.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility defines a shift in work habits, with more number of employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. This term encapsulates not only mobile workers and mobile devices but also the mobility of corporate data. For example – an employee may upload a corporate presentation from his desktop to cloud and then use his mobile device to show the presentation to the client.

Although Enterprise Mobility improves the productivity of employees, it also poses a security threat to the data, and this is where Appzeal steps in. With our Enterprise Mobility Management strategies such as security and data loss prevention technologies, we are able to help prevent these risks. A strong EMM strategy is essential for any organization and we help you formulate it.

Here is how Appzeal enterprise mobility solution tailored:

  • Business Transformation

Business Transformation: We help our clients attain customer centric mobility solution. Be it seamless access of content or development of mobile apps, we provide all to suit your business needs.

  • Accelerating Innovation

Be it services based on location or mobile wallets, we help to co-create a solution to suit our clients’ needs. We believe in constant innovation and hastened delivery.

  • Proficient Operation

We also help in boosting your entire operation system. Our enterprise mobility services can change the way your employees work, we can automate various internal processes of the company and boost your company’s output.

  • Expertise in the field has garnered

Appzeal Mobility’s expertise in the field has garnered us the Vice Chair position of the Forum, the industry collaboration working group. Our team of professionals has a repertoire of experience in the field of technology as well as in the development of Semiconductors which plays a major role in the execution of technology in consumer devices.

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