Engineering Simulation for the Built Environment

The construction industry has responded to the issues of its day with innovation after innovation. Today’s challenges are centered around saving energy, minimizing operating costs, and improving safety and occupant comfort. To address so many different challenges computer modeling is a must do. Appzeal engineering simulation software offers designers, engineers and construction companies the most automated, efficient and cost-effective simulation methods.

Construction & engineering industry

The construction & engineering industry relies heavily on the reliable and timely supply of materials and resources. Efficient asset management, including the capability to track multiple assets in real time, is crucial to the smooth running of operations. A major challenge for this industry is ensuring the accurate and regular flow of information, such as inventory data, transportation schedules, work rosters, delivery timetables, and so on, between company headquarters and construction sites, especially when landline communications might be unavailable or unreliable.

Appzeal smart technology enables the effective integration of multiple data systems. In particular, Appzeal mobile solutions extend back-office systems to front-end clients, enabling construction workers and managers to access and consolidate mission-critical information within a single unified interface directly from the construction site.

Control over the huge Land-Bank and manage

It is always difficult to have control over the huge Land-Bank and manage the complex sanctions and approval processes. Appzeal system for Construction Company makes it easy and transparent by better land analysis and handling complex approvals and sanctions thereby enabling to focus on areas which may be lagging behind. It gives information of potential customers in advance and helps you update them as per their preferences. It makes every customer count by giving a view on the lead generation progress at any time to convert opportunity into revenue. Appzeal Software for Construction maintains information regarding a customer’s site visits, information sought and the next engagement. In all, Appzeal Construction management software handles sales smartly and more effectively.

You need to Excel

  • Cycles of growth and decline and cost

Complete visibility is required because the Construction Industry is known for cycles of growth and decline and cost over-run is an inherent risk of the industry. Proper scheduling of various activities and sub-activities in the System, reporting through Appzeal charts, integration with well-known Project Planning tools gives users of Appzeal System for Construction, the edge. Appzeal construction software has the software solutions you need to excel in meeting market expectations.

  • Embracing mobile technology

Appzeal help workers in construction companies focus on their primary task with mounting pressure to enhance productivity, decrease costs and ensure customer satisfaction. Construction industry is embracing mobile technology in a big way. Mobile devices help with real time project monitoring, prevention of inventory management and quality control.

  • Remotely providing device support

Appzeal empowers construction companies with device lockdown and device management solutions. Our solutions help construction companies in preventing device misuse, monitoring usage of devices and in remotely providing device support.

  • Complying with emission regulations

Despite the heavy loads and harsh conditions, construction operators are under pressure to push equipment to keep productivity high and downtime low. In turn, equipment manufacturers are under pressure to produce products with better performance and functionality, all for a competitive price while complying with emission regulations.

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